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About Recycling Expo

Recycling Expo is more than just an event; it’s a marketplace dedicated to connecting industry providers with buyers and creating business relationships centred around responsible resource management, an increase in the reuse of materials, a reduction of consumption based Co2 production, and a shift away from wasteful linear economy models. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to inspire, educate, and connect businesses in their journey towards a less wasteful economy and a more eco-conscious future.

London alone aims to save 126,000 tonnes of Co2 per year by 2025 through waste reduction and recycling initiatives, and with countless other towns and cities across the UK set to follow suit, Recycling Expo 2024 presents a perfectly timed opportunity for astronomical growth within your business.

If we are to successfully cap global temperature rises at the targeted 1.5°C, a massive reduction in consumption based Co2 emissions must be achieved as soon as possible. Recycling, waste reduction and the reclamation and remanufacture of products is immediately essential.

the recycling expo

The UK Government has launched an initiative aiming to recycle 65% of municipal waste and send only 10% of the same to landfill by 2035, yet amidst these efforts, the circular economy is still a relatively new concept, and an understanding of its importance and potential within a large number of sectors remains limited.

This is why we have chosen now to connect the industry and bring the most innovative providers face-to-face with thousands of highly targeted buyers, authorities and decision makers, who are imminently looking to invest in the products and services that will enable us to begin a successful transition away from our current linear economy.

Put simply, Recycling Expo 2024 will bring the UK waste management industry out of the past and into a greener future by enabling large-scale investment in waste reduction systems and services, and now is the time to join us.

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We will welcome the industry’s most innovative and forward thinking suppliers, showcasing not only waste management and recycling machinery, but also new technologies, reclamation, remanufacturing & refurbishment solutions, and sustainable products.

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Join us on the 15 - 16 October 2024 for two days of innovation, education and unmissable industry insight, as we bring you the exciting new exhibition showcasing the future of the recycling industry.

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Here at Recycling Expo, we pride ourselves on providing our visitors with a comprehensive and educational content programme.

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